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Cash and crypto: women’s preferences

Cash and crypto: women’s preferences1 min read
  • 03 February 2023
  • by UH News

Although the “crypto winter ” and the collapse of FTX negatively affected the adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world in 2022, women investors continue to react positively according to data shared by eToro’s Retail Investor Beat.Based on a survey conducted among 10,000 investors in 13 countries, the report highlights the fact that cryptocurrencies have become the second most widely owned asset class among women, beaten only by cash. Data from the poll also shows that women’s adoption of digital assets is accelerating at a faster pace than that of men.

The survey found that women’s preferences for digital assets rose from 29% to 34% in the last two quarters of 2022, while it rose by only one percentage point (from 42% to 43%) among men.

“Years or decades”

Beyond the differences in numbers, the objective for both men and women investing in cryptocurrencies is long term, according to Ben Laidler, global market strategist at eToro. "It's important to emphasize that retail investors are overwhelmingly long-term, with 63% holding onto investments for years or decades and just 4% holding them for days," Laidler said.

The preference for the long term when it comes to digital assets has also been highlighted by another report ( 2022 Global Consumer Payments from Accenture) regarding first-time investors. According to this source, the reasons for investing in crypto expressed by new investors were, in first place, “the long term” (28%) followed by “curiosity” (22%).

Although the concept of what exactly “long term ” means in crypto can vary (some analysts suggest it can vary from 5 to 10 years), the crypto industry has shown remarkable resilience throughout its short history. Since 2009, the sector has seen high volatility but despite many predictions of its end, blockchain technology and its potential as a financial instrument continue to generate enthusiasm.