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Silvina Moschini: mas que la 'miss' the internet

  • June 14, 2022
  • by El Tiempo

Silvina Moschini: More Than"Miss Internet"

The Argentine businesswoman has shown that she goes beyond the way she was baptized at first.

Moschini, co-founder of two digital companies since 2003, participated, together with Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, in Colombia 4.0, the most important digital content summit in the country, which took place last May.

She and Wozniak shared the Unicorn Hunters Circle of Money panel, a business series that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to access millions of investors around the world to scale their businesses.

That Circle, according to Forbes, is also made up of personalities such as Alex Konanykhin, CEO of TransparentBusiness; Lance Bass, singer, actor, producer and investor; Rosa Gumataotao Ríos, former Treasurer of the United States, and Moe Vela, lawyer, author, entrepreneur and former Director of Administration of Joe Biden, among others.

Silvina Moschini, who is currently the President and Executive Producer of Unicorn Hunters, is internationally recognized as an analyst of trends in social networks, corporate innovation and e-commerce development. Likewise, the businesswoman regularly participates as a technology analyst on CNN and other media.

She has also worked as an international consultant on various technological aspects that cause or have caused great impact, such as the new economy and the perspectives of startups – that is, emerging companies – in Latin America. She or, for example, she has analyzed the growth of the social network Twitter, as well as the social impact caused by the death of Steve Jobs, the world-famous founder of Apple, among many other things.

As a businesswoman, Moschini founded two companies. The first is Intuic, listed as a digital agency specializing in digital marketing, public relations, and social media. This organization was born in 2003.

The other company is TransparentBusiness, founded in 2012: a software solution to manage distributed teams in different parts of the world, capitalized on the cloud.

She was the first Latin American to found a startup company – or unicorn – valued at one billion dollars. In 2017, SheWorks! arrived, a marketplace to hire professional women with flexible models.

"I am convinced that all entrepreneurs should think big and be confident enough to design scalable projects from the start."

As the author of Keys to Digital Marketing, with the support of the Barcelona newspaper La Vanguardia (2012), she analyzed the panorama of internet marketing, emphasizing the importance acquired by social networks.

EL TIEMPO had the opportunity to talk with her and delve into her participation in the Colombia 4.0 event, as well as other relevant issues in her sector.

In Colombia, she spoke about the future of money and how digital assets combined with business innovation will revolutionize the market, creating more potential to generate wealth globally.

The great novelty of her presence in our country was the opportunity Moschini had to introduce Unicoin, a cutting-edge currency that is revolutionizing the cryptocurrency market.

This is because, according to the Argentine businesswoman, she"will pay dividends and will be backed by an investment fund in startups that will be part of the Unicorn Hunters platform, as a solution to the high volatility of traditional cryptocurrencies."

Since 2003, you have founded two digital companies. Are they still valid? What to do for a digital company to last over time? Both are still valid and, below, I share my experience about what I did to evolve, create new businesses and make them last over time: I became an entrepreneur because I felt, after working for many years in corporations, that it was time to change the world with my own rules. On that path, technology was my undisputed ally. Today, without a doubt, it is the engine that helps to democratize opportunities for everyone.

How did it evolve? Our experience using alternative financing methods to achieve unicorn status inspired us to create Unicorn Hunters, a global platform that connects companies seeking expansion capital with investors around the world to achieve their coveted $1 billion valuation. Dollars. Unicorn Hunters enables entrepreneurs who don't have access to large pools of capital – or even Silicon Valley – to obtain financing to grow their companies exponentially using disruptive technology models.

What is the most recent evolution? It is the launch of Unicoin, a state-of-the-art cryptocurrency that will pay dividends and will be backed by private capital from companies with great growth potential. It was designed to address the extreme volatility of traditional tokens and to offer their holders an alternative solution to inflation.

When we talk about the digital future, we talk about what exactly? It is also necessary to talk about the future of money, which will undoubtedly be digital. The digital future is equivalent to the opportunities brought by startups with global impact and web 3.0, thanks to the new possibilities of financial democratization that are accompanied by blockchain technology. More and more companies and ventures are seeking to leave their mark on the world by generating a positive impact on the planet through actions linked to the environment, health and well-being of people. Therefore, when selecting the participating companies in Unicorn Hunters, we always consider the social factor and what kind of benefits they will bring to the world.

Have you presented any other innovations recently? Introducing GeneproDX, an important medical innovation from Chile that will have a positive impact on health systems and save millions of lives around the world, mainly those of women who are affected by thyroid cancer. Companies such as UK-based Vastmindz have also come forward, seeking to transform ordinary consumer tech devices into comprehensive health-screening tools using artificial intelligence.

Is the digital future only technological? No. It is also necessary to talk about the future of money, which will undoubtedly be digital. Every day more people and countries adopt cryptocurrencies. There are 300 million crypto users worldwide, that is, the equivalent of the population of the US. Colombia ranks 11th in the world in cryptocurrency adoption, according to the'Global Cryptocurrency Adoption Index 2021', raised by Chainalysis. Colombians exceeded US$47 million invested in cryptocurrencies in 2021, while the investment was close to US$18 million in 2020, which represents a growth of 268 percent in a single year.

Do cryptocurrencies have a future? It is an upward trend that does not stop and will have to be closely followed.

What is the current and future importance of startups, unicorns or emerging companies in the region? Closely following accelerated digitization and its consequences will be key to doing business around the world and especially in Latin America. The scenario in our region has its own movements and it is essential that entrepreneurs follow them very closely.

Is there any interest from large companies in the region? Some of the big venture capital firms, such as General Atlantic, Sequoia Capital and SoftBank, are looking to Latin America for private start-ups valued at more than $1 billion. It is not a casual trend. In recent years, some 42 unicorns have grown in Latin America, demonstrating the innovative potential of our start-ups in front of investors from all over the world.

Who heads these ventures? Women entrepreneurs are also facing a more promising horizon. Latin America and the Caribbean have the highest percentage of female entrepreneurship in the world. Encouraging numbers are starting to show: Venture investing in startups with a female CEO or co-founder has risen since 2019, reaching 26 percent of capital raised in disclosed rounds of more than $1 million in 2021. In addition, Some 59 startups led by women in Latin America raised $4 billion in 71 rounds disclosed in 2021.

Is the scenario, then, promising? Totally positive. I am convinced that all entrepreneurs must think big and be confident enough to design scalable projects from the start. Women entrepreneurs are also facing a more promising horizon. Although gender bias continues to negatively impact access to capital, accelerated digitization is helping to minimize obstacles. Creating a company is now easier than when I became the first Latin woman in charge of a unicorn. And the speed of the transformations promises us even better results.