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Unicoin Takes the Stage at Web Summit Qatar and Shapes the Future of Crypto in the Middle East

Unicoin Takes the Stage at Web Summit Qatar and Shapes the Future of Crypto in the Middle East1 min read
  • February 29, 2024
  • by UH News

Renowned as the premier tech conference, Web Summit provided a platform for Unicoin, the next-generation cryptocurrency, to showcase cutting-edge developments in the Middle East's crypto landscape.

The event was held from February 26-29 at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC) in Qatar, and brought together the best in the world of technology and finance to offer real solutions to investors, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts in this landscape accelerated by artificial intelligence.

Silvina Moschini, Founder & Chairwoman of Unicoin, took center stage in two insightful panels. On"Decrypting the Digital Economy", she shared her insights alongside Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget, about the general growth of cryptocurrencies and the knock-on effects that industry experts predict.

Moschini also joined the discussion"Entrepreneurs and the Future of Money", where she delved into Bitcoin, tokenization, AI on the blockchain, and Web3. She was a judge in the pitch competition, evaluating startups that reached the semi-final stage, underscoring Unicoin's commitment to fostering innovation in the tech space.

Unicoin Contributes to the Local Economy

“Unicorns — like Unicoin — are naturally drawn to the markets in which our prospects for expansion can be found. Now let’s add to that the tremendous talent pool that UAE has built in recent decades, with some of the most promising minds in finance,” said Moschini in an interview for Khaleej Times.

The president of Unicoin emphasized that there are many more opportunities for regional companies to grow and expand globally. That is why they are strengthening their presence in the region, boosting the job creation process and contributing to the thriving local economies."Savvy consumers of cryptocurrencies want greater transparency, and that is precisely where Unicoin enters the picture", she said.

The three days at Web Summit were an invaluable opportunity for Unicoin to forge new relationships with influential figures in the Middle East's ecosystem. Networking with top-level executives not only opened doors for collaboration but also positioned Unicoin at the forefront of the region's technological evolution.