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These were the most-googled searches about cryptocurrency in 2022

These were the most-googled searches about cryptocurrency in 20221 min read
  • 29 December 2022
  • by UH News

Coin Telegraph observed a notable change in which cryptocurrencies were Googled the most after the collapse of the exchange platform FTX in November.Meanwhile, the site has also revealed the most googled questions about crypto, many of which reveal that people still lack basic information about how cryptocurrencies work and how to buy them or invest in them.

The most googled cryptocurrencies

The ranking of the 10 cryptocurrencies that were most searched for using Google runs as follows: 1) Bitcoin 2) Dogecoin 3) Shiba Inu 4) Ethereum 5) Cardano 6) Avalanche 7) Litecoin 8) XRP 9) Terra Classic (no longer in existence) and 10) BNB. According to Analytics Insight, although the fall of the “crypto empires” (especially Terra and FTX) in 2022 had a significant effect on the value of Bitcoin (it lost 70% of the price it had in November 2021), the oldest cryptocurrency still holds a lot of interest.

5 basic questions

Beyond the names of the most googled cryptocurrencies, the most frequent questions about crypto reveal that many internet users are still in the dark regarding the basics of digital currencies. In fact, among the ten most-googled questions, the top five reflect a need for elementary information: 1) What is cryptocurrency? 2) What is crypto? 3) How to invest in cryptocurrency? 4) What is crypto mining? and 5) How to buy cryptocurrency?

It’s interesting that the questions follow an order of increasing complexity starting from the most basic. The third and fifth most-asked questions reveal an interest in taking action rather than merely comprehending the phenomenon. Some analysts believe this could indicate that the process of investing in cryptocurrency needs to be simplified as people don’t understand how the exchange platforms work.

Meanwhile, in the “top ten” questions appear inquiries related to the drops in value of cryptocurrencies. They included “Why is crypto crashing?” and “Why is crypto down? ”. These queries come below those relating to how to buy or invest, which, paradoxically, could demonstrate a growing interest in digital assets but also concerns about their extreme volatility.