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This is the “20-minute capsule” that aims to transform the concept of exercise

This is the “20-minute capsule” that aims to transform the concept of exercise2 min read
  • 25 October 2022
  • by UH News

“We’re seeking to raise $20 to $30 million to get ready for the increase in demand. We have the technology, the business model and we have early traction with customers to build a really big company.” Allen Ruszkowki makes a convincing pitch, and the jury on Unicorn Hunters, which has been described by the magazine Forbes as “the most iconic business series of all time”, takes note. As on every episode of the show, the Circle of Money analyzes all of the variables involved in a company that sees itself as one of the next potential unicorns. They discuss not only the innovation and its impact, but also patents, business models and marketing strategies.

Oxygen “on demand”

The CEO of CVAC Systems has highlighted the promise of his star product: a capsule that offers the benefits of aerobic and anaerobic exercise in 20-minute sessions and could be the future of fitness.

The key to the CVAC (cyclical variations in adaptive conditioning) technology is that it allows deep relaxation in a short period of time, supporting the immunological system and reducing stress while the body is trained to absorb more oxygen. It can also adapt to the demands of each individual.

This could serve not only the most demanding elite sportspeople but also people with reduced mobility who can’t do physical exercise. The product’s huge potential soon becomes clear. In fact, the panelist Lance Bass, recalling his past as a member of the group NSYNC, says he wishes he’d had “a CVAC” on the road in those years. “We went to places like Denver, and we would be so out of breath. In the touring world, every artist should have this!”

Alongside Bass, the show’s jury comprises Steve Wozniak, famous for cofounding Apple with Steve Jobs, Moe Vela, a well-known businessman and a former member of Joe Biden and Al Gore’s administrative teams, Rosie Rios, the former US treasurer, SheWorks! CEO Silvina Moschini, TransparentBusiness CEO Alex Konanykhin, and Scott Livingston, executive director of Livingston Securities.

Beyond the concept

A good dose of innovation is a vital part of the “recipe” for any unicorn, but a solid marketing strategy can make all the difference. Steve Wozniak doesn’t beat about the bush when he asks this episode’s guest: “How do you market CVAC?” Ruszkowski reacts quickly: “By putting people in the pod”.

The show progresses, and the other Unicorn Hunters pose their own questions. Silvina Moschini is convinced by the product but not the branding. “I like the concept, but I didn’t like the brand, and I do believe that branding is extremely important.”

While her words elicit nods from the other members of the Circle of Money, Ruszkowski has a different point of view: If you do those kinds of snazzy marketing, what happens is that doctors think that anything advertised like that is a scam.”

The conversation moves on, and the exchange of ideas helps to orientate millions of spectators who have the chance to invest in a company at a crucial moment of expansion. Approaching the close, Scott Livingstone stresses that the capsule “has potentially thousands of brand ambassadors,” referring to the artists and athletes who could become the faces of the product.

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