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Capitalizing on the Bull Run: How Unicoin's Asset-Backed Model is Reshaping the Crypto Landscape

Capitalizing on the Bull Run: How Unicoin's Asset-Backed Model is Reshaping the Crypto Landscape3 min read
  • March 6, 2024
  • by UH News

Unicoin is opening new business opportunities in the crypto ecosystem. Bitcoin reached on March 5th a new high value of 68.869 USD, while the Fear and Greed Index hit 90 points, considered"extreme greed". With this bull run developing, it is time for new cryptocurrencies to show their strength. Alex Konakykhin, CEO of Unicoin, and Alex Domínguez, CIO, talked about this along with Jane King in FintechTV.

"The current growth is quite impressive for any segment of the financial market, but crypto. So far this year, Bitcoin has increased in price by 43%, about 270% from the beginning of last year. But all previous upswings of the crypto market involved Bitcoin growing at least 2000%, and the growth of Bitcoin during the last decade was 9 million percent. In other words, we haven't seen much yet", said Alex Konanykhin."I believe that it's the beginning of a new rally in the crypto market, which is going to become measured with previous upswings of about 2000%. But I also think that Bitcoin will continue to lose its market share. It has already lost 50% of its market share. Investors don't like its volatility after all. Right now it's just about to get to its 2021 record, three years to recover from this drop", he stated.

That's why they introduced Unicoin, designed to be more stable and profitable. Unicoin is assets-backed, dividend-paying, audited, public reporting, and regulations-compliant. Konanykhin said:"We believe that it is going to be a better choice for institutional and traditional investors than volatile and assetless cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin".

How the Asset-Backed Model Operates

Alex Domínguez, for his part, went into greater detail on the asset-backed model."To date, we have already sold over $2 billion worth of unicoins. We are at about 1.4 billion in real estate we have actually swapped pre-ICO Unicoins for real estate all over the world, and our goal is to have about 3 billion in real estate prior to launching and listing on exchanges, so we're well on our way".

Domínguez said they have over $4 billion worth of deal flow that is coming in from all over the world, getting a lot of interest, and it is a huge validation for the coin."Actually, it is pre-ICO. So they are actually willing to give up these large assets like hotels, office buildings, and large tracts of land that are worth millions in order for them to participate in the upcoming crypto rally. So we are getting a lot of excitement, things are going fantastic".

Konanykhin declared that they expect to achieve even higher numbers in sales, about $5 billion before going public, which will allow them to outspend all other cryptocurrencies combined on creating a leading crypto brand and seizing a sizable slice of the crypto market, which many analysts predict is going to be measured in tens of trillions of dollars.

Unicoin Plans to Go Public

«It is also important to mention that we plan to go public to take the company public on Nasdaq or New York Stock Exchange. We have not decided yet. That is why we are doing our meetings on Wall Street. We have 4.500 shareholders and we need to provide them liquidity and give them the opportunity to capitalize on the current bull run of the crypto market. We already filed an appropriate application with the Security Exchange Commission and are waiting for the approval for Unicoin to become publicly traded, not just a public reporting company», explained Konanykhin.

Unicoin is set to challenge Bitcoin's dominance and provide investors with new alternatives to approach digital assets, while crypto is living a moment that can potentiate a wider adoption and cement the position of cryptocurrencies as a valid store of value, investment, and even value exchange.